Interns Thrown Out On Their Ears – Day Four of Government Shutdown

Yesterday I wrote about brides and grooms turned away from their venues because of this asinine, embarrassing and painful government shutdown. I also wrote how a blood drive was canceled, and patients are worried there won’t be enough blood. The shutdown is personal, and getting uglier. 

Here’s another one for you. Imagine that your kid is an intern at the legendary NASA Ames Research facility in Mountain View. (Yes, this is the same facility that had to cancel the blood drive because of the 1000-plus employees on furlough.) You are so proud of your very smart and tenacious kid working at this venerable institution. Then imagine that the facility tells your kid that if there is a shutdown, they may have to find a new place to live. What? The next thing you know, the shutdown happens, the dorms close, and your kid is tossed on the street. Unthinkable, right? Reporters Eric Van Susteren and Andrea Gemmet of the Mountain View Voice describe it this way:*

One intern “contacted the Voice to say that he and other interns who are housed on campus were evicted from their dorms on Tuesday. Interns were given a week’s notice that they might have to find alternate housing during the shutdown….”

 “Most of the interns … were unfamiliar with the San Francisco Bay Area and struggled to make arrangements. Many senior scientists and engineers made generous offers to let interns stay at their homes….”

The article goes on to say that members of Hacker’s Dojo in Mountain View offered housing and even jobs to some interns when they saw that “NASA Ames interns started posting fliers asking for somewhere to stay.”

This is happening in my backyard. These interns are the best and the brightest, and they were evicted. Yes, many people will likely bounce back from these inconveniences, but not everybody. Lives are being ruined. 


Kathy Galgano

October 4, 2013



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