Top Ten (Plus) – Good Things About The Shutdown (Day Thirteen)

  1. D.C. visitors are completing the entire “Hop On, Hop Off” Big Bus Tours in record time.
  2. George W. Bush’s place in history has risen two notches.
  3. The Library of Congress will make out great with all those overdue fines.
  4. The comedy team Capitol Steps has enough material for the next decade.
  5. Kinda makes you nostalgic for Watergate.
  6. National Symphony players, not used to getting weekends off, say, “Wow! I can wear my uniform to parties!”
  7. John Boehner really does have something to cry about.
  8. Religious leaders love it when people lose faith in the government – their numbers are way up!
  9.  “Glass Ceiling” has been replaced by “Debt Ceiling.”
  10. I can write a Top Ten list and not worry about there being anyone to start a file on me.

OK, Readers, It’s your turn!


Thanks to my husband, my kids, and the staff of the Daily Grill in San Francisco for a lovely dining experience while I jotted these down on my cocktail napkin last night.

Kathy Galgano

October 13, 2013


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