• Living in an earthquake region, authorities state the importance of keeping shoes near you while you sleep. You don’t want to jump calmly out of bed, barefoot, to scream and wave your arms wildly while trying to run and hide to protect yourself while the floor is buckling under your feet and there is broken window pane glass all over the place. But no one has ever attempted to explain how one is supposed to keep shoes near the bed. Won’t they be covered with said glass, and debris like your once beautiful armoire? Or, won’t they be jumping around the room with the motion from the quake?
  •  Now here’s an email I really can’t wait to open — It’s from the Democratic Headquarters and the subject line reads, “doomed.” People! Is this the best you can do?  If the ship has sunk, why would I throw anything other than flowers at it?
  •   I’m surprised I haven’t read this yet: An upscale tea shop and nationwide chain has filed papers to change its legal name to “Business Selling Water Infused with Weird Smelling Leaves and Fancy Herbs” after sales plummeted because people associated the store with a political party.
  •  Tax dollars at work: Between 11,000 and 17,000 tickets are issued to the homeless in San Francisco each year. I’m sure this helps.
  •  Neighbors walk dogs at a local high school field every day. Last week we found a little ibuprofen bottle in the grass, and we immediately removed it because these pain relievers can be fatal to dogs. Phew. Good thing we only found pot inside instead of ibuprofen.
  •  At the warm water pool where I like to exercise, there are three walkers in Lost and Found.

Kathy Galgano

October 29, 2013


4 thoughts on “SCRATCHING MY HEAD

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