• The “Information Age” needs to explain how we can be living in the “Post-Modern” era. The last I looked, I’m not “Post- ” anything.
  • Other officials were unimpressed by the mayor’s statement that crack is only something he did while drunk. (NPR report November 6, 2013 regarding Toronto, Canada Mayor Rob Ford)
  • Astronomers using NASA data have calculated for the first time that in our galaxy alone, there are at least 8.8 billion stars with Earth-size planets in the habitable temperature zone.* Wow! Heaven is gonna be one interesting place!
  • For a Veteran’s Day sale, Fry’s Electronics has marked down the Airspeed Bagged Pet Vacuum. This must be for the Canine Division.
  • Dark matter and dark energy can be measured, even though nobody knows what they are. This one really boggles my mind!

*(Quote from NBC Science, Article by Seth Borenstien, The Associated Press, Nov. 4, 2013 http://www.nbcnews.com/science/8-8-billion-habitable-earth-size-planets-exist-milky-way-8C11529186)

Kathy Galgano

November 6, 2013


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