Kathy’s The Real Deal New Year’s Resolutions 2015

  1. I resolve to do my part during this time of serious drought in California by washing fewer dishes and eating out more.
  2. I resolve to restrain myself and not deck anyone who says “very unique.” By definition, “unique” means that it’s the only one. Nothing is ever “very unique.” And I can’t believe I just wrote this horrid phrase — twice.
  3. I resolve not to eat at a restaurant so uncreative that it’s called “Food.” That goes for the “exotic” fancy-named restaurants like “Cibo” (“CHEE-bo”) and means, you guessed it, “Food” in Italian.
  4. I resolve only to consume my weight in chocolate during the Easter and Christmas seasons when the Cadbury solid milk chocolates with that crisp sugar shell (green white and red) hit the shelves. I further resolve to curtail my urge to drive through my city to purchase every last bag of said Cadbury candies to stash away for the rest of the year. Besides, there aren’t any left. I checked.
  5. I resolve only to hum or sing nonsense syllables to my “Happy-Skippy” little ditty whenever somebody cuts me off while driving: “Da Dee Da-da Da Dee! Da Dee Da-da Da Dee!” That I am singing the lyrics “I hate the F*#!+*g jerks! I hate the F*#!+*g jerks!” in my head is a personal matter.
  6. I resolve to wish everyone a fine New Year. And I do.

Kathy Galgano

New Year’s Day, 2015

Copyright Kathleen M. Galgano — All rights reserved. January 1, 2015


3 thoughts on “Kathy’s The Real Deal New Year’s Resolutions 2015

  1. Continuing in the spirit of #3, I’m also bugged by restaurants “owned” by foods: Ravioli’s, Zucchini’s, etc. Just the food name is OK I guess (Tarragon, Spice, Pasta?) but I prefer something more descriptive (Thai Basil, Pot Sticker King, Pasta Market). I’ll give Falafel’s Drive-In a pass since when they started in the 60s most of us didn’t know whether falafel was a food, a place, or a person’s name.

  2. They only problem with eating out when you try to save water is that they still gonna wash dishes and waste water for you hehe..,.

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