Six Beautiful Words

This summer, my husband uttered the six most beautiful words in the world.

I know what you’re thinking. Nope, the sentence wasn’t “I just received a huge bonus!” Nor was it, “AHHHHHHH! I just won the lottery!” Of course, “AHH” with however many “Hs” after it really does not qualify as a word, but I’m thinking that, in this instance, that particular cry of delight should be allowed. It is hard to imagine someone winning the lottery and not screaming “AHHHHHHH!” at either the beginning or end of the sentence. And then there’s this nugget: “My kid won a full scholarship!” Wouldn’t that be something?

We have a great marriage, my husband and I. Love, kindness, friendship, respect, humor, family – I’m proud and happy to say it’s all there. So, the beautiful six-word sentiment could be a compound sentence, “I love you; I love you.” But then humor would chime in with what I know my husband would enjoy saying most after the” lovey-dovey” sentiment: “Dear, you are older than I.”* One can guess that these would not be the most beautiful words in my world.

Now, if you’re sports-minded and living in the San Francisco Bay Area, it would be great to hear the pronouncement, “It’s another Bay Bridge World Series!” That delightful repeat of Major League Baseball’s 1989 contest between our local teams, the Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants, would be glorious. Well, without the earthquake, it would be glorious. And continuing in the sports theme, as the National Hockey League’s season has not yet started, I guess it’s just too early to hear this gem: “The Sharks win the Stanley Cup!” It takes very little imagination to hear the roar of the crowds. And after all those years watching the promos for the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes during the Super Bowl, the six magic words are not, “You’re our grand prize winner today!” However, with the arrival of autumn every year, I always made that obligatory phone call to my mother back East. “Mom, the Prize Patrol is coming. Put on your lipstick.” Imagine being photographed wearing your pajamas and robe and holding that big check with no lipstick?

No. His statement, his exclamation of the six most beautiful words was a personal victory, an approbation. It was an official recognition that what I hold important and dear has value. It made my day. It made my week. It made my summer! It made my life! I’m thinking it would be a great epitaph. Are you ready? My husband said, (drumroll please) “You can never have enough purses!”

Of course, thinking back, he did over-emphasize the word “never,” and he was smiling, too. Could it be that this was a humorous bit of sarcasm? No. I don’t think so. Nobody jokes about purses.

* Yes, he would say “I” because it’s grammatically correct. My family is a stickler for good grammar!