So Long, 2013!

  • Dogs are getting into the stash, as more states legalize medical marijuana. At least the medication we found in the small ibuprofen bottle on the high school yard where the neighbors run their dogs every night was cannabis, and not the anti-inflammatory pills advertised on the bottle. Those would have surely killed the pooches. Read this article by Katherine Seligman, published December 31, 2013, entitled, “Dogs’ pot poisoning soars as pets dig through trash, stash.” And for the love of your pooch or your neighbor’s, consume the pot!
  • During the partial government shutdown this fall, I wrote polite but imploring letters daily to our elected U.S. House and Senate members, and urged my readers to do the same. Naturally, I now receive a lot of emails from these offices of both political parties. It saddens me that either my letters weren’t read, or they were dismissed. To all elected officials asking me for donations before the end of this year, I say openly to you, “No thank you. I am not interested in funding campaigns, programs or initiatives at this time that promote the status quo.” While citizens of the United States of America traditionally may have shortened memories, they are not that short.
  • There’s a new time piece on the market: a digital watch that counts down the time to your death. You fill out a questionnaire that asks you for your age, sex, country of origin, medical history, stress level, exercise habits, etc., and subtract your age from the results to get your death score. When you enter your death score into the watch, the countdown begins. “Tikker” or “The Happiness Watch” was invented by Fredrik Colting. Wearers are supposed to make better choices because they know how much time they have left on the blue green marble. I don’t know if Tikker adjusts to angst while you sit in traffic. And I can’t help but wonder if the final seconds display something like, “So long, and thanks for all the fish”? Check out the Kickstarter page for it:
  • Miami is running a campaign for people not to fire their weapons into the air at midnight to ring in the New Year; Rapper Pitbull is promoting the “One Bullet Kills the Party” campaign. According to reports, for the past two years, kids and adults have been injured. People! Why can’t you just grab your pots and pans and run outside and start clanging them? It makes a great noise; it’s wholesome and fun. It’s cheaper than ammo and it doesn’t put lead into the ecosystem. And you can forget about the fireworks, too. You’re going to scare Fido to the point where he’ll start rooting through the trash again for unconsumed stashes. Plus, you’re apt to start forest fires if you’re in California.  We’re having a drought. And too, it’s another Spare the Air day in the San Francisco Bay Area. So grab the pots and pans. Shout all you want. Blow whistles till you need your asthma inhalers. Celebrate! Readers! I need you healthy so you can read more of my posts next year!

Happy New Year!

Kathy Galgano

December 31, 2013