Research Will Be Frozen – Day Nine of Shutdown

Today while considering the global implications of the partial government shutdown, I know that Antarctica is the first thing that pops into your head.

Antarctica? Really? Yes.

The inability of our Congressional leaders to reopen the government is wreaking havoc on critical research there. The US is a powerhouse in Antarctic research – well, it was anyway. Please read the engaging article by Mr. Nell Greenfieldboyce for NPR Science (aired on NPR October 7, 2013, and heard on local station KQED San Francisco). This piece is apt to make your hair stand on end, even if you not working in minus ridiculous temps.

 NPR SCIENCE – Even Antarctica Feels Effects Of The Government Shutdown

by Nell Greenfieldboyce | October 7, 2013 — 2:53 PM

It looks like even Antarctica isn’t far away enough to avoid getting caught up in the government shutdown….

Thanks for reading Nell Greenfieldboyce’s piece.

Kathy Galgano
October 9, 2013